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When did you start cutting hair How was your first experience?

I first started cutting hair in high school when I first moved up here my cousin use to come up and curt my hair. One day he forgot his clippers and at that time there were no barbershops up here to my knowledge. I don’t know, the clippers were glowing to me I just picked them up and I gave myself a fade for the first time. When I went to school the next day, many people were asking me questions like who cut your hair. I said it was me and some people did not want to believe me. But then afterwards that attracted certain people in the neighborhood like my boys and I started hooking them up until the word got out. After high school it was an easy transition to barbering because alot of people already knew I cut hair. It was kind of a necessary route I had to take in my life.

Is Satori Cuts your first shop and why did you name it that?

This is my first shop I have been open for four years now. Satori means sudden enlightenment and I figure its what men are anyone per say needs in most cases. A spark, A SEED, A drastic change in thought into a beautiful direction It’s my secret ingredient for my cuts. When I first got into it, I realized that I bought a job I didn’t buy a business I felt kind of trapped in it. I was always grateful for it I was just always looking for more freedom than exchanging my time for money. That’s my deepest search and when I realized that this was the end game to get your own business. When I did, it didn’t satiate all my needs its more to life than this. I was always grateful for having a shop and for my first shop it was definitely a journey nobody came to really help me run it. I had to figure everything out from the bottom up, my second year having it I was voted best barber shop in the Poconos.

What job do you think you would be doing if you were not a barber?

I don’t think I’ll do a job, you can’t get me to work for nobody I would definitely do something in the lines of serving people. For the last twenty years of my life, I been serving people with haircuts I feel ultimately that’s our purpose in life is to serve. I would definitely be in a business where I can change people’s lives.

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start cutting hair, what would you say?

The best place to start is to visualize the haircut because when I first started to cut hair I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. So, I had to pray and use my faith to cut hair. But what I learned over time is when I got the knowledge to know how to do it I realized the short cut is to really see the haircut before you cut the hair. Just use your hands to bring the haircut in your head into this world. So, the most constructive advice I would give to anyone who is starting out cutting hair is to devote a lot of time visualizing. Mediate on what kind of barber you want to be, what kind of money you want to make and how you want your haircuts to look. More importantly what kind of services you’re going to offer.

What was the first barbershop you started working at? 

The first barbershop was in Mt Pocono named lmn, that was quite the experience. That shop taught me a lot, when I first started working I didn’t even have a license. It was hard for me to get a barber license because there were no barber schools so I was working there without a license for a long time. Cutting hair there without a license somebody gave me an opportunity. That’s why I said thank god for the gift of cutting hair. That shop was the start of my barber journey. That shop was the roughest shop I had to ever cut hair in. But what I’m learning in life is that any adventure you start will always be hard at first because you have to learn all the ways not to do it so you can learn all the right ways to do it. 

Can you describe a typical day at the shop?

Ahh man!! Satori Cuts This is a great shop you want to know why? Because my clientele is, what makes the shop I believe this is the best shop in the Poconos I got the best clientele hands down. So, it makes all my days great because I get to talk about greatness that’s in them and helping them expose that and so there’s a lot of great people that come here. I always wanted a barbershop that great people would come to and when we talk about great we think about celebrities. I want jay z to come to my shop, but truth is he breathe the same air as us. A day at satori cuts is definitely interesting the conversations are amazing all uplifting. Definitely a god-based conversation because I feel like god is inside of me, so I get to talk about god all day that’s my thing. This is definitely the place to be even when you’re not getting a haircut.

What types of career opportunities may open up for a person starting out in this type of field? 

I believe there is a lot of opportunities to really get into. If you really think about it, there’s nothing but people in this world and most of the people have hair. So, it’s just another way to serve people. If you find anything that serves people it will lead you to your greatness. Hair always grows, something you can always depend on and you’ll always have work. I would highly recommend it. There’s a lot of avenues you can take but a lot of people don’t even know you can find a master barber that can have you as an apprentice instead of going to school and paying for school to learn something that you have to do. You learn while you earn. Barbering is a profession that is only growing.

“Any adventure you start in life will always be hard at first because you have to learn all the ways not to do it so you can learn all the right ways to do it”

Besides cutting hair is there any other projects your working on ?

Hell yea, having only one source of income in this world is truly financial suicide. You have to keep your mind open because your mind is like a parachute because if its closed bad things happen. Were all out here seeming like we, all jumped out of a plane, life kinds of feel that way. So, I think it’s important to open up your mind. I’m involved in other stuff definitely crypto currency. Crypto currency is definitely an interest of mine I believe that it will be future money. Also, networking, I believe it’s the key of life.


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