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Quamir Dabner Was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Martin Luther King Jr High school and attended Delaware Valley Charter High school where he graduated from. Before pursuing a boxing career Quamir was in and out of the streets at an adolescent age, he had a great family background, but the streets had a great influence on him. Quamir was a big kid for his age, and he tends to get involved in many fights, but not with kids his age; kids much older than he was. So, he figured since fighting was something normal to him why not pursue a career as a boxer and get paid for something he already does. With the motivation to leave the streets and the drive for a better life, Quamir has strived to become this person he knew he could be. This is his story. 

How did you get into the sport of boxing?

I got into the sport of boxing because all my life I was big for my age which steered me to fighting all the time. I never fought anyone my age I usually had to fight my uncles and older kids. That really brought my attention to boxing because all my life I would have to fight so what better way to do it, to make money. 

Have you had any boxing matches?

Definitely, I recently had my first fight last month and it's crazy because I had to take losses and I look at it as a lesson. If you actually watch the fight which is on Instagram I beat the guy. On the second and third round, I did an eight-count where to the ref the man looks dazed and unresponsive. I thought I won the fight but because my output wasn’t as much as far as punches. To them I didn’t throw many hits, so they gave the win to the other guy which to me is crazy. 


What is your favorite strike or submission to use in any fight?

Honestly, my favorite strike is my right hand. Many people tell me, for my jab to be a jab it's very strong, that’s my initial punch. But when I bring that right jab I love to see it hit people (laughing) because it’s extremely strong. I cause a lot of damage with my right hand. 

What is your weight class?

I am a welterweight, an amateur boxer. I do plan to go pro as soon as possible 


What is your training routine?

My training for fights begins when I wake up and I don’t eat any food I go run, drink water and try to burn as much fat in the morning. I don’t eat breakfast because I'll eat a meal at night and I don’t want to place food on top of that. I work out by doing and pushups, around three thirty back in the gym. I start off by jumping rope, I get in the ring and shadow box for six rounds. I then put my gloves on and punch the heavy bag, water bag, and the double end bag for about eight rounds. 

“Put down the guns and pick 

up the gloves”

If you could choose to have a match with anyone who would it be 

You already know who I’m talking to right now, Floyd if you see this I defiantly want a one on one with you. We don’t even have to put up crazy money we can put up two hundred thousand maybe five. Something to get me off the streets so I can open my gym for the youth, so Floyd if you see this let's get it. 

How do you wish to inspire young people? 

Well, that’s crazy because what I actually want to do in the future is open up a gym dedicated to the youth. I want to mainly open my gym in poverty-stricken areas like the hood. There’s a lot of gun violence going on, and it is being done by kids younger than I am and my slogan will be “Put down the guns and pick up the gloves.” I want to use my image as far as my face and tattoos for good. You look at a lot of guys that look at me are out here making songs telling kids to do drugs. I want to use my image to tell them to do right, and I know it will work because it's working for the bad so why not try and use it for good. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I have two big inspirations and they're both from Philadelphia. One is Gabriel Rosado and the other one is Greg Jackson. Gabriel Rosado is one of my biggest inspirations because he didn’t start off as a boxer he was an ordinary guy. He had a nine to five job doing construction, but deep down inside he wanted to box. He started boxing around nineteen; twenty years old which is around the same time I began training. Which is why he is one of my biggest inspirations. 

What does it mean to be a fighter? 

To be a fighter is like learning yourself, your mentality, your capability, and your strength and weaknesses. As you get better whether you win or lose you will always become humbler. You are stepping in the ring with someone that is doing the same thing you’re trying to do which is essentially gripping your head off. But when the fight is over each component ends up shaking hands showing the integrity and respect for the sport. 

Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?

This is not UFC so I like to stand until I make them hit the ground. I go toe to toe with whomever no matter the size or weight. 

What separates you from every other fighter in your division?

The thing that separates me from every other fighter in my division is my tattoos. I’m not your average pretty boy boxer, and I take everything I have on my body as far as tattoos I take it to the heart. Almost entirely every tattoo on my body symbolizes something, but another thing that separates me from them is the fact that I am more determined. The background that I came from involved many drugs and violence but just because that was my environment did not mean I lacked the motivation to want better for myself. I feel like I can be the best that I can be when I max my maximum potential. 

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? 

My weakness is my comfortability with my component when I get the best of my component I start to let my guard down. I bring my hand from my face and my punches from my waist. My strength is that I keep coming I basically have a chin of gold, you cannot drop me. I don’t see myself getting knocked out. I am strong hearted and my mind is very strong as well. 

Other than boxing what other things do you venture in?

I don’t tell a lot of people this but I like to sing and I have been singing since I was young. I love being around my family and friends and I also love to work.

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