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Chevan Baker 

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Chevan Baker was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He attended Raytown South High School and also attended Jackson State University. As a child, Chevan was always inquisitive and possessed a natural desire to learn and always wanted to know more about life. He was influenced by his parents who always taught him and his siblings the importance of hard work and ethics. With the teaching from his parents and his ability to make things possible. Chevan is on the rise and with knowledge and creativity, he noted that anything is possible, this is his story!

What types of music do you listen to during your creative process?

Most of the time, I like to listen to instrumental types of music and jazz. This style of music without lyrics really help me process and think of various ideas and solutions. During the late-night hours and early morning work sessions, I don’t like to listen to music, but I actually prefer to hear talk radio or podcasts that cover a range of topics. Doing so gives me the opportunity to gain another perspective from others and learn something new while I’m processing and working on something. The early morning podcast and talk radio sessions while working have helped me a ton with projects that I’ve had a hand in overseeing. 

What inspired you to become a business owner and inventor?

My passion, drive, the ability to take huge risks, and my father’s entrepreneurial example inspired me to become a business owner. In high school, I watched my father step away from his Corporate America job of over 15 years to pursue his dream of developing his own company. Seeing this gave me a direct representation of what I could accomplish as well. Inventing came into play while in college because the curriculum required that we utilized our prior three years of schooling and apply it to solve a real-world problem with the use of technology. Myself along with three other individuals did just that and had the opportunity to make something of it. 

What is 1place4tech?

1Place4Tech is a tech startup that focuses on the following three markets: web development, mobile app development, and content & branding. We develop and manage websites and provide website solutions for various clients. On the mobile development side of things, we develop mobile applications for individuals and companies that have app ideas and want them to materialize on a mobile device. Our content and branding side of things is respectable to the company only as we create, further develop, and also acquire existing brands under the company’s umbrella and develop it. 

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What was the purpose behind the creation of this business?

There were three reasons for creating this company. First, to impact others the exact same way that my father impacted me by showing that I can do it because he could. Second, I wanted to be the one in the driver’s seat and control of how well or how bad I did in life. Last, I wanted to help create opportunities that can directly impact the lives of family members, friends and people in my community. By being able to bring them into the fold and offer options that they would have the ability to take advantage of. 

With the creation of 1place4tech what was your strengths and weakness during this process?

The creation process was a lengthy one because it started my junior year of college. I began to realize that entrepreneurship was the path that I was going to settle into. I didn’t want to do the traditional things that all of my friends were doing, graduating and taking a salaried job. I wanted more than the usual slice of life pie and I felt that I could provide a greater impact on society by having my own. Upon making my mind up I began to work, sacrifice, and save every penny that I could. I would rather save money for my business and not have to look for outside funding. A definite strength during this process was knowing that I could do it and that I had the full support of my family and loved ones. Not to mention my father who has an impeccable business acumen serves as my senior advisor. Giving me the opportunity to listen to my ideas and to also receive feedback and suggestions. A weakness, however, was that I was doing something that practically none of my friends were doing. With my peers, I mostly walked alone and experienced the majority of this time alone because a lot of them couldn’t relate to what was occurring. 

Has that invention help people with diabetes?

No, not yet. We are currently still in the patenting process to protect our intellectual property. Therefore, the invention has not been made accessible and available to the commercial market. 

Is it still in the prototype process? If not, how much is it and where can people purchase it?

The product is not in any additional prototype phase at the moment. We as the team are pursuing avenues toward being able to bring the product to market via licensing our technology to help make it available to the mass market. 

How do you wish to inspire young people?

I wish to inspire young people by being a model that they can look to and see themselves just as I had the opportunity to do with my father. I also wish to show people that you can do many different things and help spark peoples interest. Being able to see what they can achieve in their life with hard work and the belief in themselves. 

Whats next?

I’ve always lived by and attempted to embody my favorite quote which is “You must obtain the change that you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi. For the past seven years, I’ve been casually working on the development of the foundation for my family’s foundation and not-for-profit organization. I want to be able to begin setting the action behind officially setting up the foundation and getting it running. The goal is for the foundation to help assist communities by bringing exposure to the opportunities that tech can provide. Within any facet of life, innovative techniques, and provide scholarships. In the beginning, I would like starting with tech focus and ultimately combine it with four others (which would represent the passions from the four other individuals in my family). 

Besides yourself are you partnered with someone or a company?

Yes, I am partnered with my co-founder who is also my childhood best friend. When we were in elementary school, we would have moments where we would sit and discuss how we were going to own our own company together. Since the birth of our business, we’ve had the opportunity to do so. With this company, he was able to bring additional technical expertise into the fold of this company. 

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Other than 1place4tech I see you invented a device for diabetics, what inspired that invention?

The diabetic foot thermometer was developed for a senior class project while in college. Three others along with myself and I were charged with bringing a technical solution to an everyday problem. At first, we didn’t know what problem we were going to develop until we started the business. We then decided that we would design something that pertains to an issue close to us. We were initially going to do a new aged alarm clock and sleeping device, but it didn’t make it through the idea phase. We ultimately settled on diabetic issues with lower extremity complication hitting the top of the list on what we narrowed down to and the rest is history after that. 


What would you say to someone that wants to become a business owner?

Go for it! Yes, it is scary and brings many challenges, but the reward and payout often supersede anything that you can imagine. Before you do make sure that you plan a solid guide that you can use to help keep you on track with what you want to accomplish. Also, reach out and connect with as many mentors and people as you can because these people will be the ones to help you in the beginning. 

“I wish to inspire young people by being a model that they can look to and see themselves”

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