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From Brick and Morter to Click and Order

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From Brick and Water to Click and Order

Dashon Russell, twenty-three-year-old born and raised in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. As a Pennsylvania native there is very few opportunities and moving around the Pocono area gave Dashon the chance to progress and meet new people. He is not only a barber at Satori Cuts but he is also involved in natural health supplements with a company called Q Science along with his passion for music. Here is his story. 

So why did you want to become a barber?

Honestly, the inspiration happened when I was in college. I was a communications major, I was broke and I didn't trust anyone with my hair so I started cutting my own and people from my class was like "Dashon I don't really trust anybody can I give you a shot." From there it turned from a hobby to a day to day basis thing, then into a career.  

Where did you start cutting hair?

I started cutting hair in effort, Pennsylvania at Head Liners. I am always grateful for every experience with no regrets, and it eventually built up for me. I was independent for a while and found a great team to build with. The individuals are people that god led me to without a recommendation or reference. I currently work at Satori Cuts in Stroudsburg Pa. It's intriguing because when I left college and came back to the Poconos my initial plan was to come back too Stroudsburg. That is not where I planned on going first but god always has a plan for you. 

Along with barbering your also involved with Health and Wellness, what is Q Science? 

I have been a part of Q Science for a month now. Q Science is a company that was founded by Mark Wilson former NFL Super bowl champion who is the CEO and founder of Q Science. Q Science is all-natural health supplements. These supplements are not synthetic products nor pharmaceutical. With Q Science we are trying to raise presentational awareness to make people mindful of natural remedies instead of pharmacy medications that has temporary relief. 

What kind of products do you sell?

We have products like Q spray Q relief Q sleep Q C-plus and many more. The products made so much sense to me when I was exposed to it and it took me to new heights. Not just as an ambassador but as a product of the product. I believe the best way to expose someone to something is to actually be a product of it and indulge in it yourself. I feel as though the best way to help someone out is not only through Q Science with natural supplements but through convenience.

Is this good for people that work out?

Absolutely! One of the biggest things for people that are working out is Q Rev. Q Rev is all-natural health product that people use for a pre-workout and how it works is you pour that into your water and the flavor is a grape and key lime. Q Boost, the spray is also another one I would recommend for anyone not just athletes. If you have energy problems. 

Along with barbering and Q Science you also have a rap career, why did you want to become a rapper and what motivated you? 

The times always change when it comes to music and sometimes as the generations come and go a lot of meaning and substance was fading from the music. I fell in love with Hip-Hop and RNB since I was a kid and what inspired me to get back into it was just seeing people in the neighborhood passionate about music. 

“the best way to expose someone to something is to actually be a product of it“

With all the different ventures your involved in which is your favorite?

How do you wish to inspire young people with your music?

I definitely want to tap into the youth's minds with entrepreneurial spirits. I want to influence them to be trend setters instead of trend followers. I think it is too easy to follow something that comes out, and I'm not really knocking on anyone who does, but when you start something or pioneer something it's just a different feeling. It becomes an effect on your community, and I didn't know how to go about doing it. It's not about knowing how it's about knowing why you're doing. Through my music I definitely want the youth to realize that sometimes it's not about who you know it's about how you overcome your situation. You have to network. 

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics that you write? 

The inspiration behind the lyrics that I write would be the pain, struggles, happy times, bad relationships, food I never ate before. Just a mixture of the good and bad experiences we all experience in life and really bringing that all together into a master piece. I think that real music helps people get through their situations, it can be very therapeutic. So, if music is not making anyone think I don't consider it music. 


If you had to give someone advice on life or how to become a barber, or health and wellness or music what would you say?

My advice as far as becoming a barber is to get the hands-on learning first. Everything sounds good on paper but if you don't know how to apply that then what good is it.Definitely practice and surround yourself with trust worthy people and positive energy. The best way to go about the health and wellness is to do your research on Q Science and contact me. The true health is your wealth. My advice on music for the youth, if you have that passion write everything down even if it's not that good. Get the blue print for what you want to do then apply it. I think the music will flow more natural for the individual. 

If you would like to shop on my online store at Q Science the  link is below, If you would like to book an appointment at Satori Cuts the link is below.
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