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Painting on a Canvas

Acrylic Assassin is what he is well-known for when it comes to the ARTS! 

Franklin Kernes was born and raised in North Carolina and currently lives there with his wife and children. Franklin Kernes painted his first painting when he was in kindergarten and it was a panting of Michael Jordan and was featured in the school newsletter. Franklin is not only known for his amazing art works, after attending college he pursed graphic design and music and completed that for a number of years. In the transition from music back to painting Franklin designed a CD cover for his last project “Weirdo Avenue.” And it was that idea that brought to life his  artistic style. This is his story as a painter.

Define Art?

Art is anything you create with intent to express an idea

When did you start painting? What was your first painting of?

I'm not sure what my first painting was but I do remember a drawing of Michael Jordan I did in like kindergarten. That drawing was featured in the school newsletter.

What influenced you to become an artist and why?

I was influenced by other artists. Once I got the inspiration and started moving my wife helped encourage me to put myself out there. And when I did, paintings started to sell and for me that was motivation enough to keep going. It’s great to express yourself but it helps to get paid while doing it.

Is any of your art works in galleries if so which one(s) and how was the experience for you?

My work is not hanging in a gallery currently. I haven't had a lot of experience with galleries honestly. Most of my sales, come from my studio or displaying in different types of venues.

If you were to give somebody advice on life or how to start painting what would you say?

I 'd say START. Just start painting. Sometimes that's the hardest part. Experiment and don't be afraid to create work that looks like no one else's 

Where do you see yourself as a painter 10 year from now?

In 10 years I want to paint full time from my home studio in the backyard somewhere off the beaten path. Teaching classes & workshops. While traveling the globe.

“I enjoy guiding the viewer’s eyes around the canvas. Only giving lines and shapes and allowing the brain and eye to do the rest.”

What What types of supplies you use?

An arsenal of weapons includes, paints, brushes, paint markers, pallet knives and anything I can find around the studio to add a different "look" or texture.

How has your style changed over the years?

Over the years I've had to remind myself that my styles do not have to look one way. The style is already there, its already created.. In the pass I wanted more control but that goes against my direction. I try to be looser and take the passenger seat and let things happen organically.

Which artist or painter has influenced you?

My whole life is influenced by music, so I'd say I have more musical influences than most painters and fine artists. My work is influenced by artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Jackson Pollock & MC Escher.

How Do you wish to inspire young people through art?

I want to inspire younger people to not be afraid to become professional artists. I think in today's world the phrase "starving artist" isn't the same. There are more ways for artist to connect with a demographic and target audience. More ways for artists to make a living. 

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