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Shana Walters was born August 5th, 1994, in Queens, New York, but she was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Shana attends Medgar Evers College located in Brooklyn, New York, and she also works for the Board of Education in New York City. Ever since Shana was little, she wanted to attend law school until she realized she wanted to become a business owner, she then attended college for business. With managing a full-time job, attending college and a baby on the way Shana Vision as a business owner become more vivid than ever. With the support from her friends and family and the motivation of leaving a legacy behind for her child deemed possible. This is her story.


" Your dream doesn't have to be big, it can be small and you will still feel the impact form it"

Why did you want to become a business owner?

Ever since I was young, I wanted to study law but after giving it some thought I realize I wanted to start my own business. I always wanted to do things pertaining to nonprofit organizations and I wanted to create an organic Walmart. As I got older, I was going to school for business and realized that this was something I wanted to do. Even though I want to work for a company, I always wanted to have something of my own. When I was sixteen, I use to get my eyelashes done and when I turned eighteen my friend would do them for me. I first earned how to put on the strips and this was before I learned how to do makeup. So, from learning how to apply my own eyelashes it lead me to want to create my own eyelash business. I felt like that was what defined who I was. I wore eyelashes to work whether I had makeup on or off, around the house, basically everywhere. So, why not sale what I love. 

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How did you get your idea or concept for this type of business?

Primitively, it was hard, and I remembered seeing people on social media selling their eyelashes or even going into Sephora or the beauty supply store. I used to wonder how and where do people find eyelashes to sale. I remember around the time I was pregnant all I did was go to school. I had stopped working and the idea of selling eyelashes was still in my mind. Sometimes I would be up two maybe three o’clock in the morning wondering where I can find these eyelashes. I was looking up eyelash vendors and sometimes things are not what they seem. I went as far as reading all the reviews good and bad and began contacting people to get more information. But nothing really stood out to make me want to purchase anything. It took me a year of doing research before I could find something that I felt was perfect for my business. I was on Instagram and saw a post from someone who was looking for a graphic designer, and I knew I was going to start my business soon, so I would need a logo design. So, I went on their page and found a lady who sold ebooks for people who were trying to start a hair or eyelash business. I brought the Ebook November 2017 and it had everything I needed to start my business. I then entered a contest where you could win a free website or logo design, and I won and decided to pick the free logo. So, now that the school year was coming to an end I had my logo and this ebook. I collected my last two checks from my job and told myself for the new year I am going to invest my money into my business. And I did it!


What is lovely lash?

Lovely lash is a collection of lashes that allows a female to express themselves, and It also represents different females. I named each eyelash based off things that I know females feel which represents them. One of the best sellers is date night, what female does not have a date night? I also have wifey and innocents which were all made to represent something for somebody. I wanted to develop something that makes people feel as I good as I feel when I put my eyelashes on and I want them to feel the same way. 

When did you start your business? 

I officially started my business March of 2018.

What is your mission with lovely lash?

My mission for lovely lashes is for it to become epidemic, something that can become global. I want my brand, my lashes to be a part of making someone feel special, something that completes their look. That is my goal to allow each female to express their inner self.

Besides lovely lash what else is that you do personal or business wise?

I work for the New York City of education, and I feel like I am helping raise the future leaders of tomorrow. I’m out working eight hours a day and I then come home to my son. Which seem to be another reason why I wanted to launch my own business because I wanted to leave something behind for my child as well. I am trying to accomplish so many things in my life to show my son that anything is possible.

How do you wish to inspire young people?

I would like to start making videos and vlogs. My business is small and there are many steps I have to take before getting where I need to be. In the beginning, it is hard for small businesses to break especially if you’re not someone who has a huge following. Your brand can be the best brand out there, but you know it is not at the level that it should be at. I want to inspire other people to never give up on your dreams even if you fail that is just a lesson to learn from. There is always something else that you can do to make it better. 

What advice would you give someone that would like to start their own business?

Invest in your dreams because you have to be your number one supporter and never expect someone to have the same passion as you do. No one is going to love your business as much as you do or put in that hard work. 

Thank you for believing in me!

“Great things in businesses are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people." I want to start by thanking my baby boy Tyler you are my foundation for that push to start my business and my reason for all things possible. Everything I do is for you. I want to thank Trev from the bottom of my heart. A partner, a friend, and a soulmate that believes in me. You know every dream and goal I want to accomplish and you believe in me you believe in them all. If I start doubting myself and not believe in myself or forget to reach for the stars you remind me that it’s always possible. I want to thank you for blessing me with your family, your mom Tara who’s words always shine brightly. Her words are like the perfect missing piece to a puzzle. To his sister Tasia that supports beyond measures, she’s nothing short of a phone call away. My business and dreams unfolded and became theirs, and they have helped and have been in my corner when needed to thank you. To my best friend, my sister Shannel, every step of the journey, you support me to the fullest. All my brainstorming and putting things together you were apart of every process and I want to thank u for believing in my business. I really want to thank these people extra thousand times because on my hardest days with my business they remind me to push forward. This is only the beginning of Lovelyy Lash Collection. 

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