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Lydia Joy is a twenty-one-year-old singer who attends East Stroudsburg University where she majors in research and minors in Spanish. Lydia grew up singing in the choir of her church along with her mother and sister while her dad played the instruments. Coming from a family with a strong musical tradition, she decided to separate herself and create her own sound. Lydia writes, compose, and arranges a cappella music with her sister; they call themselves JoySis Productions. Not only do they make music for themselves, but they also compose and arrange a cappella tracks on which other artists collaborate. Lydia and her sister both want to become music producers and make music for the world. Here is her story.

 What is your musical backgroung?

How Do you wish to inspire young people with your music?

How does music make you feel?

I come from A family of musicians everyone plays an instrument or sings. My sister and I like to compose and arrange music, we wanted to do something different from what the rest of our family was doing. We decided to take all of our backgrounds which is jazz, classical and gospel. We incorporate all the styles of music to make our own style.

I always like to inspire people by saying any sound you want to make or any idea that you have we always say and believe everything you need is in the house. We hear sounds in music by artist that we like or wish they could have did differently. We kind of collab and realized we can make the sound we want to hear and sing we don’t have to rely on other people. So, when people hear our sound, I hope they know that they don’t have to take from us that they can create anything they desire.

Music is the only thing I understand to my core

What is your favorite song that isn’t your own?

Im really into jazz music, I am in love with the song body and soul 

JoySis sherman showcase

What’s your recent song and what inspired you to write it ?

Well I haven’t been writing lately, sometimes I’ll be on these writing sprees and only write and other times I would be arranging by taking bits and pieces from another artist and what they have done

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

I’m studying research on the effects on trump country and black millennial mental health. We haven’t experienced racism like our grandparents have so I really want to see how we are affected right now.

“If you feel something it doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t have to sound pleasing,  just write it down” 

Truthful and being honest. I don’t think anybody else in the world can experience something exactly the same, but music gives you the power to try to relate to people. Being honest, silly and serious as I can be,I would like to convey that in music.

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

Just be honest, if you feel something it doesn’t have to rhyme it doesn’t have to be pleasing just right it down

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