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Mario Magoo

make a move

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His dance name is Mario Magoo and based of his moves he is a site to see. Born in New York City and has always wanted to become a dancer. He moved to Pennsylvania because his mother wanted a better life for him, and he believes that was the best decision she could have made. He graduated in 2009 from East Stroudsburg South Highschool. Before Mario decided to become a dancer, he was a regular kid who played sports and video games. Mario always had a thing for music, and he would dance for his family all the time. It took Mario five years before he could dance in public because the first time he has done it people laughed at him. And at that age, he did not understand why people laughed at him, but they laughed because they have never seen it before. Mario is a perfectionist and wants to inspire people through dance and many other creative outlets. This is his story. 

What inspired you to become a dancer?

Michael Jackson, James Brown, Prince and many more. I was inspired by old school hip-hop, tap dancing, jazz a lot of old school music. 

Have you attended a school for performing arts or were you self taught?

No, I was self-taught. I would watch music videos and people dance, but at that time YouTube was not as popular as it is now. You couldn’t type in how to do this type of dance it was more of a visual thing. I would battle people in the area and perform every anywhere I went. I would be encouraged by strangers when I am dancing in the town, to keep going. That alone showed me that this is what I was born to do. I also teach a class at Mrs. GiGi and company on main street. 

Are you in a group or dance alone, what is your group called?

I recently was in a dance group called “Tribe” but right now I am trying to get the community together as one group of entertainers. They are called Stroud Ent. Which is a production group filled with dancers, artist, photographers and much more. We are also looking for promoters and people who would like to be extra’s or actors. We are trying to promote everyone in the town that has a talent, we are trying to give them a platform to show people what they are all about. 

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to become a dancer, what would you say? 

To have patience and be yourself No matter what and don’t try to impress people. There are a lot of rules to it but ultimately you can do whatever you want. It’s not what you do it is how you do it as well because it’s not about being better than anyone it’s about being better than yourself. Try to impress yourself and be and do better. 

What was your most challenging dance routine, and do you have a favorite ?

My most challenging dance routine was when I tried out for Pocono’s Got Talent for the second time. The first time I tried out I just did a simple freestyle to show people what I was about and my versatility. The Mic on Fire Pocono’s Got Talent was my most memorable and favorite one because I did it with my brother and my friends. We got a great reaction from our performance everyone loved it.

Who gave you the support in the beginning

My brother and my close friends and family would always tell me to dance at BBQ’S, Christmas and family gatherings. When I began to get recognized it was more or less strangers who are intrigued by what I do. They know that I take what I do seriously.

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have a dance career?

If I didn’t have a dance career I would be editing videos and pictures. That is also another thing I enjoy doing even if it’s not my own videos or pictures. I have edited rap videos and dance videos before as well. 

How Do you wish to inspire young people? 

To be themselves, every time I go out and perform I always try to recruit new people that want to work with us. Whether it pertains to dancing or not. That’s why we try to make a platform for all the young people whether its acting, singing, dancing, simply anything. 

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