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Artist Corner

Painting on a Canvas 

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With Jenna J 


Jenna J was born in New  Orleans, Louisiana, her mother inspired her to become an artist at an adolescent age. She encountered many obstacles throughout her life and used painting as an outlet to express the pain, happiness and sadness that she endured. Jenna j currently resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she has made a name for herself, showing her various talents while doing many art shows, commission paintings and inspiring people with her work. Not only does she paint on a canvas, but she is also in training to become a tattoo artist.With the support of her community and peers she is capable to be the best artist she can be.

When did you start painting and what was your first painting of?

I started painting four years ago and my first painting was of a Buddha and a loutis flower because I was really sad, and it made me feel better.

What influenced you to become an artist ?

I’ve always been an artist my entire life even when I was younger I’ve done arts and craft with my grandmother, but I never knew I was an artist until four years ago because the worst thing in my life happened to me and art was the only outlet I had to

Do you wish to inspire young people through art?

Yes! I love when they embrace their creativity just because the world need more of it and if we try to take it away from young people they won’t be as sane as they should be.

How has your style changed over the years?

My style has changed by getting better and more detailed

What is your creative process like?

Well when I don’t have anything in mind I sketch or put a lot of lines dots and splatter on the canvas

What types of supplies you use to paint?

I use acrylic paints and mix media

What artist or painter has influenced you?

No artist really influenced me to paint, when I was younger my mom use to draw these stick fingers with cowboy boots and cow boy hats on them and I thought that was the coolest thing and it influenced me to want to draw

“The feelings you want people to know about the least paint about those, 

because it comes from the heart and releases 

true feelings.”

Where do you see yourself as a painter

ten years from now?

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