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Travis and Isaiah, the founders of the Elaborate podcast pursued a career for telling people how it is. Born and raised in Queens, New York Travis was always outspoken and always told truth on things. While attending Far Highschool, he was about to become a father and dropped out and got his GED. Travis was never big on school and felt like situations had to be taught throughout life. With a voice for radio and tolerance for weeding out BS. The Elaborate Podcast was born. Isaiah, on the other hand, was born and raised in Bronx, New York, and attended John F Kennedy. Isaiah dropped out in the eleventh grade and moved to Texas. When he came back to New York and got his GED. Isaiah is very family-oriented and wants to show his sons that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. This is their story.

Isaiah: All the credit goes to this man Travis right here, we work together and when I left Bj’s Travis mentioned to me that he wanted to do a podcast. I told him to do it because at the end of the day people want to hear what other people are going through and want to be able to relate to someone. At the time Travis was doing the podcast, and I was commuting back and forth to New York, I was working at the post office. When I started working back in Pennsylvania, he told me to get back on the podcast and let's see how it goes. We did episode two and I enjoyed it. It was like my piece of mind to be able to go on there every week and be myself. I get to talk and elaborate on so many different things that are going on in the world. 

Why did you want to start your own podcast? 

What is the elaborate podcast?

I'm the type of person who loves to talk and I like to speak my mind and from the so I named it the elaborate podcast. I want to elaborate on everything I cant just talk about one topic you know. I always have to throw my two cents on everything whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly.

Travis: Each and anybody can tune into the Elaborate Podcast, except for kids. Please keep your kids away from my podcast because we say and talk about some reckless things. 

Isaiah: Not that we say, shit its j the fact that we talk about everything and we’re real about it. The first episode my wife was pissed she was like “you went on the podcast and you telling my business” and like no. The thing is with me is I have to be real with myself so with the podcast I wasn’t people to be able to relate.

What audience is your podcast geared to?

Travis: So the Elaborate podcast, let me start from the beginning. In 2016 my mom past away from cancer so at that time before she passed she use to tell me I have a voice for radio. She told me I was talented, I was funny and that I could do something with my voice and in school, I was the person in class who use to mimic people all the time. After she passed, I fell into a deep depression and at that, I was basically working and taking care of my kids. I said to myself “what can I do to show her how much I appreciate her?”I remember her saying that I had a voice for radio and that’s when I started the podcast. One day I was shopping on Amazon, and I bought the mic and the equipment and I was like damn what am I gonna name the podcast.

What was your first episode like and what was the discussion about ?

Travis: my first episode was so terrible I wish I could delete it. My first episode I kept on saying “ na mean” over and over until I realized nobody wants to hear that over and over. And I was by myself when I did my first recording, I was in my kitchen and I was giving people an inside of my life to get people to tune in and listen to me. Even though I knew people would not listen to me, but I kept on doing it. I have learned to realize that we were the type that would go against the grain and talk about anything.

Isaiah: funny to hear that he still gets the and stuff because being on with him he makes me comfortable. If you ever listen to it Trav like he been doing it for years. 

What are some of the different topics you discuss during the show?

Everything you can name, I would say one thing we do elaborate on is the BS withing people. For instance like if your dealing with certain people and have to find out how somebody is. Because we meet some people who fabric themselves instead of being themselves. When we are prepping for the elaborate podcast, we do go over events and brainstorm different topics for the day. We elaborate on what's going on with generation and what's not happening, which we need to do to make it better or to improve the generation. Me personally I like to elaborate on relationships because elaborating on the status of a relationship is important. So when discussing on the podcast it gives people a different perspective and a learning experience for everyone to know that no one has a perfect relationship. 

How many people have yall had on the podcast?

 Travis: We had a few and my favorite two and my first one was with a friend of mine named Brian. First, off let me put this out there I don’t care about celebrities or how many people you know, when we do the show I'll rather interview the homeless person on the corner and find out how did he get there. So during my interview with him he taught me a lot, I love when people come on the show and teach me something, he came on the show and taught me a lot of things about art. He is a  black activist and he paints about different subject matter that happens in black America. He told me as a black man when you came into this world you are born with a target on your back. I was like that’s some real stuff. My second favorite interview was with Malcolm X Sean. I call him that because he reminds me so much of Malcolm X. He came on the show and really said black people need to stop killing one another. He also told me that as long as there is emotion in human beings violence will always happen. 

 Isaiah: My favorite episode was the anniversary because all three of us bare witness to the progression from the beginning of the podcast up until now. It shows how much work we put into it and it shows that anything is possible. 

Is there any particular podcast that gave you inspiration to set the bar for your own show?

Isaiah: You listen to different ones and then you try to defer it from being like anyone else's. Some podcast talks about specific things or doesn’t talk about specific things. So what makes ours different is the fact that we talk about everything.

Travis: for me, it was the Taxtone Podcast, his podcast is what keeps me going and makes me want to better, he was a black man who grew up in the projects and made a podcast that touched so many people. 

How do you wish to inspire people?

Travis: me, I am so, but I want everybody to win. I want people to listen to our podcast and to be able to relate to it and understand what we’re talking about. There was a point in time I only had two listeners, but I kept it going you cannot on your dreams. Never give up on your dreams and as long as you put in the time and work you can never fail. 

 Isaiah: just wants to inspire people to be themselves at all times, for certain people say that I am raw and opinionated but that’s just me. I have to be real with myself for myself at all times. 

What advice can you give someone who wants to start their own podcast?

Just start it, you may not have the fancy mic or equipment, but you have to start somewhere and just do it.