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March 28, 2016


While working on the poster design my professor decided to critique my poster and said that it was missing something. He told me to dig deeper into the artist style, look and the delivery of his song " Love Yours". he told me to bring the song to life through the image I was trying to portray. I went back to the drawing board and created this poster, this poster is where it all began. I received an A for my project, but I wanted to take it to another level. By showing my brother the poster he concluded that the image itself can be turned into a logo, a brand like no other. I took the logo and decided to patent it and copyright it and turned it into a clothing line. The tough part was deciding a name and a meaning behind the name. April of 2016 Fast Hart was born meaning " The adrenaline to express yourself through music". 


During my senior year of college, I created this poster for my senior portfolio review. My favorite artist is J Cole and at this particular time my favorite song was " Love Yours". The message behind the song speaks volumes like no other. " Theirs no such thing as a life that's better than yours". The reason I decided to chose the line " Heart beating fast let a __ know that he's alive" spoke to me. While designing this poster I took elements from the verse and the image of J Cole and combined them together. 

The Brand Was Born

April 2016

Music is life, Music is Art, Music is a way of living and without Music where would we be as a generation. Fast Hart collection was branded off the strength ofhow music makes people feel. Music can reach boundaries that no other emotional outlet could. “The adrenalin to express yourself through music.” Creating this brand gave me the ability to become versatile with the design. Music has no color, no age, music speaks to everyone. To be able to express your art, love, and passion through music is the best feeling in the world. And this is where we stand today! Fast Hart is a movement, Fast Hart is Art, Fast Hart is you! What kind of music do you express yourself through?

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