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It's Only The Beginning

Seth Witcher

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Seth Witcher is a nineteen-year-old musician from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Seth is currently a sophomore at Lehigh University and is studying for a major in Robotic Engineering. Growing up, Seth possessed an interest in music and sang as a way of expressing himself. Also, at the age of six, Seth started playing the guitar after playing the piano for a few years. Though he had the talent, he was made fun of for singing so he didn’t sing in front of anyone for a period of nine years. During that time, Seth focused on playing his guitar and eventually built his own guitar in high-school. Towards the end of his senior year, Seth decided to follow his dream and sing in front of 1,200 people at his high-school talent show. Since then, he has performed all over the Lehigh Valley area and is currently expanding his reach and audience. This is his story.


What is your musical background? 

Why did you want to become a singer?

When I was six years old I started off playing the piano and gradually moved to playing the guitar. I have been playing guitar for thirteen years and have been singing for seven. 

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

I get inspired by a lot of things, but the main thing that inspires me is emotions. Other people’s emotions as well as my own, how people deal with certain situations. When I see somebody doing something that is purely in their heart, I formulate an idea in my head and begin writing. 


Who gave you the support to keep writing in the beginning? 

Nobody. I didn’t receive any support from anyone. When I was younger my family made fun of my passion, which made me want to bury it. I dug myself out of that negativity myself. Now, it is my family that supports me more than anyone.


If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

I would say that you can have anything you want…even though it sounds so cliche it really is true. If you believe in yourself, and do whatever you can do to get closer to your goal, who’s gonna stop you? Don’t quit if someone doesn’t believe in you, that’s just their opinion. If you believe in yourself then that’s all you need. If I did not stop singing when I was younger, I would be a lot farther then I am now. I listened to other peoples opinions. I messed up.

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

I don’t know, probably an engineer because I can build and create things. 


I decided to become a singer because there is nothing else I would rather do besides play music. Singing makes me feel like I’m in heaven on earth, when I sing it’s like I am the happiest I am going to be

How old were you when you wrote your first song and what was it about?

That’s really hard only because I have been writing music for a while. My very first song was written at the age of twelve and I have no idea what it was about. 

Along with singing what interest you to include your guitar? 

I was made fun of for singing when I was younger, so I never wanted to sing. It was something I wanted to do but was to be embarrassed to do it, so I never did it. What I did was play guitar, that was my release. I would sing to myself but not in front of other people. I was that guy in high school who would play the guitar in the hallway every morning. People knew me by that but didn’t know me as a singer until my senior year when I kind of came out.

How does your music define you as a person?

This is a great question, and I have a great answer. This is the guitar that I built, and her name is erotíseis, a Greek word for questions. On my guitar, I have my logo, and this is going to answer all of your questions. If you look close, there is an S for my name and two inverted question marks and if you look closely it can be interpreted as a DNA strand. So what it stands for questions who I am. With every song I write I try to answer a piece of that question until I learn who I am. Whether it’s through my emotions, experiences and how I react, things I thought I would not do that I do.  

What shows have you performed at? 

Of course! Yes, I have, music is my dream and my passion, so I will do whatever I can and as much as I can to get out there. The PPL Center in Allentown arranged for me to come and sing the national anthem, the Coca-Cola stadium they have had me performed their four times and want me to sing there again next year. I perform at bars, hotel, I perform my music everywhere. A funny story, when whole foods first opened up they didn’t have music there. I walked in with my acoustic guitar and found the manager and asked him if he wanted to hear some music. He said sure, and I played music in front of him, the employees and the customers in the store. He genuinely enjoyed my performance and now every Thursday they have music. This has opened up an avenue for not only me but other performers in the area as well and I am absolutely delighted about that. 

What’s your recent song and what inspired you to write it 

My most recent song is called“ so in love”. What inspired me to write it was based on the feelings I had for my girlfriend. The way that I see other people and how they interact with the people they love and how happy they seemed. I wanted to write the song based on my interpretation of love and what it really feels like.

Whats Next

There’s a lot coming up, not much I want to talk about, but you will see me on tv soon. I am also recording two new songs now and will be on a few radio stations. 

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