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Can you love me till my mouth no longer forms words

Then read my poems around the home and be our song bird

I see the beauty in you and its beyond words

Funny how that change up

Changed us

And now it changed what you all heard

I’ll pitch it different if you didn’t get it

A woman’s beauty is more than body but also how she’s living

It’s hard to find A Key to defind this woman’s worth

But if I Max it out well, it’ll inform this woman’s work

I pray that james brown isn’t the last to put this woman first

Be the flash, so I can picture, when this frame don’t work

And tell the story when my fingers on the page don’t work

Allow my words to help you smerk so the pain don’t hurt

Sing those poems for us when my brain don’t work

– Forever yours


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Rashad Thomas, born in Harlem, New York City, started writing poetry when he was just thirteen years old. Following an altercation with another student, Rashad was sent to detention and instructed to write about how the incident made him feel. And so he started writing. Fortunately, his teacher embraced and encouraged Rashad’s writing, recognizing the young man’s talent. Rashad’s journey as a poet had begun. Soon, poetry became his sole outlet as he faced many obstacles in life, and all along his writing was how he expressed what his feelings about what he went through. It is without exaggeration that Rashad states, “Poetry saved my life and changed my life.” This is his story as a poet.

What was the first poem you ever wrote and what was it about?

So that day I punched a kid in the face because of a momma joke and people thought I was funny , but I wasn’t funny. I took it disrespectful because as young guys we say things that we heard somebody older say not knowing exactly what it means. So, I punched him, and  initially they did not want to suspend me for the fight so they sent me to detention and told me to write about it. So, I wrote about  my mother and how I feel about people disrespecting her. I gave it to the teacher at the end of detention and she liked it and made me read it in front of the class.

What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

I have that weird thing where I don’t know how I sound so everyone tells me I have a strong voice. I think my voice still sounds like a teenager.  I can say my speaking voice is more controlled. When I recite poetry my voice is more calm and clear and you can tell that there is a lot personality behind the conversation. When I go into my poetry voice it gets deeper and stern, tries to exact a point for you to connect with each word that I say.

Where do you see yourself as a poet 10 year from now?

Ten years from now I want to self-publish my poetry and become the owner of my own publishing company. I would want to be a teacher or influencer in the community saying that poetry is another outlet. Theirs so many kids that are gifted with writing and don’t know how to connect their creativity with what they write on a page. From the day you start school they teach you how to write, from the day you come out the womb your creative.When you learn how to make that connection that is the most beautiful poems come from.


My poetry makes me feel good I have a connection to it. Poetry as a culture and a community, I would hope it does the same thing for me as it does for everyone else. That would be our personal exchange of feelings and connections.

Where do you write?

Anywhere, life inspires I can get a notebook and pen and write anything

How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?

Anything, I just allow my creativity be the best thing it can be. It might start off with a conversation with two lines that it sounds so good I have to write it down. Or, a title or topic of something I want to write and that will spark an idea. Or I’ll be thinking about a girl and she’ll make me want to write a poem.

"from the day you come out the womb your creative.When you learn how to make that connection that’s were the most beautiful poems come from".

Do you think your poetry can change someone perspective on life

Yes, it has already plenty of times, the beautiful thing about my poems is that they are conversation pieces. Conversations I wanted to have with people about things. I find it difficult to have these conversations rawly because people shy away from the conversation or have different views. But in a poem for that moment I can make a clear thought and now we can have a conversation

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