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It's not a Barbershop it's The Kut Shoppe

Kash was born in Washington Heights, New York. He moved to Pennsylvania when he was only eleven years old. Kash did not form a passion for cutting hair until he started high school when he began cutting t hair for his friends and peers. With the motivation from his mother at the age of twenty Kash began his journey as a barber. Kash was also involved in the music industry with music production and artist management along with making his own music as well. From music to weight lifting, he found his happiness in cutting hair. This is his story as a barber!

When did you start cutting hair?

I started cutting hair back in high school cutting friends hair and my mom said I should take it more seriously when I was in my twenties. 

What was the first barbershop you started working at?

I started working at Big City Classics which use to be located in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. My experience working there was good and bad, most of my experiences I'm blessed to deal with the bad stuff first. Therefore, I was able to see what a shop shouldn't have, but it was good because I was able to get my foot in the door. I was able to build a clientele and see the different type of people I would want to deal with. I did not have a lot of customers I would sit there from nine to nine, twelve hours just to cut five people hairs. There was a guy I worked with that now work at Pa Finest called Dana. He would come in at four thirty. I would never forget, and ten people was gone by eight. All I said was "I need to be like him" and that was my inspiration to get more people and to be able to control your own day. 

Can you describe a typical day at the shop? 

Joyful, Soulful because the music we play. It’s always going to look quiet in here most people when they pass they think were not busy, but we are always busy because we do appointments. The people that do come in actually like the ambiance, the feel of it not being cluttered.

Is the Kut Shoppe your first shop and how did the name come about?

A little five-year-old girl by the name of Kianna aka Ladybug she is my daughter and she named the shop. Back in the day we were working on a spot and I had a little bit of issues with naming. I didn’t want to name it the barbershop. She just came up with the name the Kut Shoppe; Glen heard her say it one day and he said that was a great name. When we decided to make this a reality we used that name. To me the Kut Shoppe is different than a barbershop that’s why I don’t have barbershop no were on this building. I want the feel to be different, if anything something like an old-school barbershop that nobody has anymore. Everyone has a factory shop now; ten chairs get them in and out.

What types of career opportunities may open up for a person starting out in this type of field?

The career opportunities are wide because a person can be a barber, a hairstylist with their license in cosmetology, doing nails and makeup. You can be a man and do all that stuff to along with teaching, product sales and designs, it defiantly gets big.  

What job do you think you would be doing if you weren’t cutting hair?

I would probably still be a bouncer or lifting weights, physical fitness and music. I use to do music and music production, artist management, but this venture had more of a positive avenue and that is what I really wanted to be around. That was the Kut Shoppe is about bringing positive energy, if you can find the greatest post just tell anybody that has negative energy not to come here. Why? Because this is just a positive place because everybody in here is great. We have men with wisdom; we got families that come in here also women, if you check the reviews the women love coming in here.

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start barbering what would you ?

For starting to cut hair you just have to have a passion for it don’t think about money, money to be is just an illusion.It’s what you put into whatever you love and whatever accumulates will come from there. I only say that because I made a lot more money before I even did this. I was working three jobs and now that I do this I am a lot happier. As far as advice on life there is really no one self-worth. Not listening to anything else but faith, family and themselves about what they need to do in life and patience. Have a goal, be patient and work towards it because the universe always opens them up as long as you put that work in.  

Whats Next?

Kut Shoppe two, I want to expand and also make a female shop. My idea is to bless the lady stylist out here because it seems like the lady stylist out here they all have their cosmetology license but then these shops is not compensating them properly. Im trying to figure out how can I help the stylist out here. 

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