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Where  s Fabio

Where is Fabio, and where will he go next? Ruben Garcia was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and raised in Pennsylvania. Currently attending East Stroudsburg University, where he majors in business management and minors in Mandarin Chinese, Ruben’s passion for travel dates back to his time as student at Northampton Community College. It was then that he first began traveling and building his very own brand called “Where is Fabio.” As if that were not enough, Ruben also picked up photography, which he does freelance. When he’s not photographing seniors, children, families, and events such as weddings, you will find him employing his skill behind the lens on his travels. Ruben has already traveled to many countries, and we will be watching closely where he lands next. Here is his story.

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Where is Fabio



When did you start traveling?

Traveling started for me back in Northampton community college I was taking a speech communication course. Thank you for Mrs. Donna O Sarah she got me to study abroad and my first trip was to coast Rica. After I did that 2-week hybrid course I was thinking wow what am I doing with my life I should be traveling. So, after that she sparked the traveling bug in me and after that I’ve been almost all over the world. I decided to develop my brand “Where is Fabio”, I do photography on the side. I like to capture different places and location of people from where I’ve been.

What are the lifestyles of the indigenes of these places

Its different were ever you go like when you get to Europe like when you get to Europe u get all into the fashion and extravagant lifestyle. Then when you go to China you can also have the futuristic Shanghai Beijing. You have like kyhfung and Chung Chow. These are places who don’t see foreigners. It’s cool to see different aspects everywhere. In the middle east, whatever you think about the middle East its really how it is.

Number one is China. I am a Chinese minor and I have been all over china still haven’t seen it all, but I love China because it has the oldest culture in the world. Second place is Egypt, then Jordan, Paris and Switzerland.

Name the five favorite places you have been to?

What did you like most about these places?

The most I would say is the interaction you know growing up American and how the social media portrays people all over the world it kind of gets scary to think like wow I’m going to go to the middle east. So, what I love about it is when you break these boundaries and meet these different types of people and learn that it’s not at all what the media portrays. Like when I was in Jordan I had spent some time with Syrian refugees and they were the greatest people, down to earth that’s what I love mostly and just going places people just dream about going and showing people that you can do this

The food is amazing that’s one thing I can say. I love about traveling is trying different cuisine. Also, when you travel there is a language barrier and you don’t know what you’re eating so I just ask the locals what is the best thing to eat. You just dive into it that’s my favorite part and I love it.

What about the food?



A lot of these trips I was on my own and meet people as I go. I am a real friendly person, I get along with everybody and I have developed relationships with friends. I traveled with this one kid named Mike we went to China together and then three or four more trips together. Just meeting new people, working and connecting

Who did you travel with on some of these trips?

I met my friend noel at Northampton Community College he was a photographer and he would take really nice photos. By this time, I’ve been to a couple places and I would take pictures on my cell phone and it wasn’t doing me justice. He really got me into it, I purchased my first camera which was a Nikon d555 and I just started using it. Believe it or not it opened up another side of me that started seeing things differently, how to take portraits, life long memories are what I love about it. Believe it or not it started out as hobby and into a part time job.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a photographer and did this skill help you while traveling? 


Where would you be visiting next time?

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