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Triston Parris was born in Queens, New York, but currently lives in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. As a child Tristian always had an eye for art and carried that passion with him and became a graphic designer and tattoo artist. Not only does he design and sketch from time to time he is also a up and coming barber who currently works at Satori Cuts. Tristian’s main focus has been on his career as a music artist. Making songs for his fans to party to and songs that his fans can vibe to. Here is his story. 

What is your musical background?

I grew up listening to artists like Snoops Dogg, T-Pac, Chamillionaire, Krazie bone, T.I, Kanye West and a few other main stream artists. I don't feel like they had a great impact on how I create my music today, but two individuals I look up too as an inspiration is J. Cole and Wiz Khalifa. Not because of their music but their work ethic.

How do you wish to inspire young people with your music? 

 When the younger generation listens to my music, I want them to know that even if you put yourself in a dark place in life you can always look at the positive side of everything. Life is about perception and sometimes I choose not to perceive the negative, only when necessary.

What are the main inspiration for the lyrics you write?

The main inspiration for my lyrics is putting certain events into vibes and pushing out positive energy that the universe will circulate

 How does music make you feel?

Music makes me feel hella lit 

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

If I never had a music career I would probably be doing exactly what I’m doing now, being an entrepreneur in many business fields, but I would mostly involve myself in the art of barbering. 

What makes your music different from other local artist?

What separates my music is that fact that nobody can talk about what I talk about the way I talk about it with the flow I do. My music is pure energy.

How old were you when you wrote your first song and what was it about?

My first song i wrote was about me sagging my pants and it was just the vibe and rhythm 

What’s your recent song and what inspired you to write it?

My most recent project is OFFDEMSHITZ 2, what inspired me to write it was a lot of personal events I was going through at the time as well as paint a picture of my personality and the way I live my life through the energy you can perceive. Some may say after listening that i am completely insane.

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

Any advice I have for anyone starting anything out would be to let everything flow and happen naturally, let the vibes around you create the aura. Be yourself it’s the only way real self-wealth can be acquired. 

Whats Next?

I guess we are both going to find out.

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