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Taron, Jeff, and Jordan are three friends with a dream to become something bigger than themselves. A dream to bring positivity and good vibes to the people in their community, the same people who are gifted with talents, that are not given the opportunity to flourish and be seen. Taron is Twenty-four-year-old, from White Hall, Pennsylvania. Taron graduated from Whitewall Highschool in twenty-twelve. School may not have been his thing, but his mindset to become something greater than himself was in his hands. Jeff is Twenty-five years old, born and raised in Queens, New York. Jeff loves sports and plays basketball from time to time and is also an art lover. He attended Whitewall High school and graduated from Liberty Highschool in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. After high school, Jeff attended Northampton Community College and is currently taking online classes majoring in psychology. Jordan is a twenty-six-year-old producer of Vibe TV. He is originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, then moved to LehighValley. He attended college at Lincoln Tech for electronics engineering. The three-band together to create a platform for an artist who needs a voice, an artist who is searching for a place to call their own. Nothing but positive Vibes, This is their story!



Who gave you the support in the beginning?

Taron: I just want to say shout out to everybody! You hear a lot about people not supporting anybody, but it wasn’t like that for us. Brandon at the art gallery gave us art fest as our main major recording event last year. We had crappy mics and long wires and video. That didn’t matter, though, what mattered was that we were here for this project and we are here to get ourselves exposure. Brandon was one of the first ones to believe in us all the way. He gave us that shot, we took It and ran with it. If there are haters out there we haven’t seen them, it’s been all love and this far. 

 Jordan: we got a lot of love from our community as well especially from the minorities because we are providing a platform for people who need it. You have something now from being on our show and we are going to push that. 

Jeff: we are here for the people that want to be heard as Jordan said and we are here to help them and to help their name to be loud. That’s why we come together as a family, not strangers.  

 Taron: The concept for Vibe Tv is simple, I and Jordan both work the same job and eventually we both agreed we don’t want to do this for the rest of our lives. So now the question was what are we going to do for the rest of our lives. That then turned into the thought of us needing something more because we know that there is more out theirs. People always say that there is more to life, but what is more to life? So we sat there and talked about it for however many days it took and came up with the name while we were driving. We then plotted and planned, along with talking to people on how to start it up. Jeff and I were in Miami sitting in a Burger King and decided this is what we wanted to do, we then came home and told Jordan our idea and he was with it. And that’s how Vibe Tv was born. 

 Jeff: What Vibe Tv is, is an upbeat social media talk show that showcases creative talent in the Lehigh Valley area. 

what is vibe tv?

 Taron: So, before the whole reinventing of the show art fest was the first big thing that we did. The first thing we ever shot, edited and made it big was called “Sink or Swim.” It was a cypher we filmed in Reading Pa, that was the first thing we ever did. We also did promo videos leading up to the actual video and it got around two hundred views on youtube. That feeling was a dope feeling, it was everything to us. 

 Jeff: When they posted the first video, it caught my attention and I thought of ways as to how I can help them. That day in Miami I told Taron how I can help by promoting the show because I know a lot of people. When we got back home, I talked about it with him and Jordan. The first video they had me on was exciting, but I was also nervous. I wanted to be a promotion manager, but when they had me in the video I was kind of nervous, but I did my thing and it turned out to be a good experience for me.

 Jordan: We were sloppy in the beginning, and we didn’t know what we were doing. This was something that we came up with and decided that we were going to do it. We took a break and then came back and revamped the show and came back strong. Everything just flowed together almost like it was supposed to happen and then things kept coming together. We found a studio to shoot; we have a guest who wants to be on the show and we have events now that are turning out really well. The first few episodes were learning curves until we were able to get it right. 

How was your first episode and how did it make you feel?

Taron: Not knowing anything, just a dollar, and a dream. There was no schooling behind what we are doing it was just a dream we made come true and learned along the way.

What are some of the challenges you had to face while making Vibe Tv?


Everybody, there’s not a single episode that I don’t remember, everyone brings their own talent to the table. It’s a new experience every time because you don’t know whom you’re going to get. 

What memorable guest did you have on your show?


Listen, doing this for as long as we can a movement can come off of this.

What is your mission with Vibe TV

 Jeff: We are an inspiration for the young people, I feel like when they watch our show they will feel inspired. Let’s say that a young girl is talented but is afraid to come out of her comfort zone, that is what we are here for. We are here for people to take that next step and express themselves. 

 Taron: Let them watch what we do, let them see what we can do. You have a magazine, and we have a talk show and that right their shows that anything is possible. When people see other people doing dope things it makes you want to do dope things. And if you watch our episodes as a business owner, rapper, singer or even a magazine owner it gives you the opportunity to know that anything is possible.

How do you wish to inspire young people?

Do it and be yourself 

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start their own show?

Taron: I find us to be unique in a way, yea we watch talk shows, but in my opinion, I feel like we stand out from all the rest

Which podcast inspired you to start your own?

How does Vibe Tv differ from every other podcast?

We want Lehigh valley to know home is where the vibe is. 

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