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Fast Hart Collection

" The Adrenaline to express your feelings through music "

Fast Hart Collection, an urban street wear brand that was designs and created by Zantaya Sealey.Not only is she the owner of Fast Hart, but she is also a graphic designer and photographer as well .  Music is life, Music is Art and music is a way of living and without music where would we be as a generation. Fast Hart collection was branded off the strength of how music makes people feel, with inspiration from artist such as J.Cole, music can reach boundaries that no other emotional outlet could. Fast Hart Collection was launched in the spring of 2016, a design that started off as a sketch in a book, to a poster for a class project and became something bigger than itself. “The adrenalin to express yourself through music”. Creating this brand gave the designer the ability to become versatile with the design not focusing on color, ethnicity or age because music has no color, nor age, music speaks to everyone. Fast Hart Collection is designed for men, women and children with their own custom style. Fast Hart is for everyone and music is for everyone. To be able to express your art, love and passion through music is the best feeling in the world. And this is where we stand today, Fast Hart is a movement, Fast Hart is Art, Fast Hart is you! What kind of music do you express yourself through?

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