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Ryan Murry is twenty-nine years old and was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens New York. Ryan attended Queens Borough College and attended the New York Film Academy. Before Ryan pursued videography, he worked at airports and worked with mentally disabled patients. He never acquired a passion to become a videographer he wanted to become a film editor and work behind the scenes. Until he realized that he was capable of covering all aspects of his craft with being an editor, videographer and photographer. While attending film school he spiked interest in many of his professors with portraying leadership qualities. Reaching boundaries that are impossible and utilizing his surroundings and his peers. Ryan is determined to leave his mark on the world with one clip at a time. This is his story.


To be honest I possessed no interest in becoming a videographer I initially wanted to become an editor. I always had an interest in becoming an editor from watching TV shows and movies and how they orchestrate the clips and the edits. At first, I wanted to edit videos, but I was also trying to find a program or a school to learn. I realized why only just pursue one thing when I can learn the craft of filmmaking, instead, of editing only.


Why did you want to pursue a career as a videographer? 

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Who or what influenced you to become a videographer?

I can say I was inspired by my childhood friend who started out making independent videos of us, summer clips and funny clips as well. The way he would put these videos together was so amusing. The way he added the sound effects and after effects are what made the videos come to life. I saw the first video he made, it was an amateur video but the way it came out was dope. After, observing him  I wanted to learn how to do it just to see if I would be good at it. I made my first recap video when I went on a cruise and received feedback from it. Many people said the video was excellent and that I should take my craft to the next level. That was when I decided to make filmmaking fulltime and career. 

What was the first video you created? 

When I attended film school the first project I worked on was a silent film which was about two couples. The man was an alcoholic, and the wife was tired of him drinking and throughout the one minute clip she ended up leaving him. As a result, I had to express that emotion of how tired the wife is of her mate without the use of sound. For it to be my first film, it came out pretty well. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

As a videographer, my strengths are me being organized and being very detailed while showing much emotion throughout my work. I can also work well with groups of people, the one thing my professor said was that I like to use many actors in my films. He also explained how great that is because sometimes it is challenging to do but this is another way of me perfecting my craft with doing the impossible. One of my weaknesses would be directing. I know what I want them to do, but it becomes hard when I have to explain and express what needs to be done. I know what I want from them, but it becomes difficult when you have to provide them with a direction using a vocabulary term. Every so often, I would become stuck, that is one of my weaknesses. 

How do you wish to inspire young people? 

My way of inspiring young people would be to show them the various things we deal with throughout our communities. The struggles and the everyday things we have to do to survive and I feel like many filmmakers don’t really capture that. It’s putting the real on the screen using unique perspectives of ordinary life. Some people see these things as the norm but if you see it through someone else's perspective the reaction will be different. Simple things in our community, where we live and the things we face every day just to survive. One day I want to make films like this and post them, so people can witness what I have captured and to possibly take it to the next level and inspire people to want to achieve the same thing too. 


“It’s putting the real on screen using different perspectives of everyday life” 

Besides videography what else do you venture in?

I used to play sports, particularly basketball on of my first time loves. Other than that, I do regular stuff like hanging out with my friends and going on vacation.  

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to become a videographer what would you say?

I would say study and try to discover new things because even though I am done with film school I still make time to improve myself on new things. I would say the best thing to learn from is YouTube because it informs you of everything you need to know when it comes to video and photography. They also have many people on there with experience in those particular fields that are providing you with this information. And the most important thing is to never be afraid to ask questions if you don’t ask you will never know the answers to many things. 

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