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Tara Wako was born in Long Island, New York and when she was six years old her family moved to the Pocono’s. Tara Wako always wanted to be a part of the medical field and began her career path as a medical receptionist for plastic surgeons. When Tara attended college, she was expecting a son and decided that no one would want to hire her because she was pregnant and made the decision to start her own business as an esthetician. This is her story. 

What made you want to become a business owner?

When I started school, I was two months pregnant and I didn’t think anyone was going to hire me. I was thinking about my son and this career path worked for mine and my sons schedule. This type of business is very popular in New York and New Jersey. I decided to bring it to the Poconos because a lot of people vacation here. I am here to help people with their skin and make it look beautiful.

An esthetician is basically a skin therapist who takes care of your skin whether you have blemishes, acne or want to reduce ageing such as wrinkles. It is good to get facials once a month because it can replenish your skin cells and help circulate your blood and it’s basically a work out for your skin. The recommended age for skin care would be thirteen years old because that is when most teens start getting acne. We have facials and exfoliation scrubs that are gentle for that age. I also have abrasive scrubs that helps get rid of dead skin cells, so it’s good for any age. 

What is this an esthetician?

So, I do have eminence and it is all organic products and animal cruelty free, I have products for all different skin types. My facials are an hour long and include steam, steam towels and an arm and hand massage. You can also upgrade for five dollars and get a gold mask which helps with the anti-ageing and hydration. With these services I have an option as to where I can come to you or you can come to me. I also do spa parties, sip and spa where I come and provide everyone a thirty-minuet facial and I also supply the wine or champagne. It is great for any occasion like bridal showers and get together. My prices vary I charge sixty dollars for a facial, sixty-five dollars for a facial with an active mask. I also do chemical peels which are eighty dollars because it not only cleanses the top layer of your skin but many layers in your skin. I also do back facials as well which takes an hour. It is more of a massage with a deep kneading, exfoliation and I cleanse you twice and put a mask on.

What service and products do you offer? 

I would tell them to always continue education and attend trade shows because they have classes their as well. 

What advice would you give to someone that wanted to start their own business?

I would definitely still be in the medical field because I like to see progress amongst my clients. 

What job would you be doing if you did not have this career?

How do you wish to inspire people?

I would like for people to learn more about their skin because some people do not know that they have to wear sun screen because the sun causes wrinkles and skin damage. I want to educate men because they do not know that it is good to get facials to. I want to see more men get facials and understand that it is not just for women. 

I want to take my business and travel more and gain more clientele 

What’s next?

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