What is it about fashion that you liked that made you want to transition into makeup?

    Valerie is a 21-year-old makeup artist who lives in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, she graduated from East Stroudsburg South Highschool in 2015. She also attended East Stroudsburg University majoring in Business and Marketing for a semester and realized that college was not for her. she then pursued a career as a makeup artist. Growing up Valerie was not like every typical teenager who wore makeup on regular bases. Her mother did not allow her to wear makeup, so throughout middle school, with her passion to become a makeup artist Valerie’s hidden talent could not be showcased to the world. She was able to wear makeup during special occasions, and her mom would bring out her bag of makeup and allow Valerie to put her talent to the test. During her Freshman year of high school, Valerie’s mom passed away from cancer, with her mom knowing that her daughter had a passion to become a makeup artist her dad allowed her to take control of her destiny. With the use of bright color pallets and shimmery lip gloss and a confidence level above others, Valerie was ready to take the world by storm. This is her story. 

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The main thing about Fashion was the Run Way scene, Couture and the editorial aspect of it. In my opinion, I would define that as art, just designed on somebody. When I was younger makeup was surfacing on YouTube and became this big thing and everyone was beginning to watch makeup tutorials. I believe fashion-inspired it because I always wanted to be edgier with the looks I created. Sometimes I would wear a little too much makeup when I was younger and my family members would laugh. But that chance right their kind of put my foot in the door. When I was in high school girls began asking me to do their makeup and of course, I said yes! 

How was your first makeup experience with a client?

My first makeup experience, I was doing makeup for prom and believe it or not It was nerve-wracking only because people are very picky with makeup. And at the time I was not very skilled, but I knew enough to try it out and all the girls were grateful for the work that I have done. I think the experience stuck with me because I loved how confident they felt.

When you first started doing makeup what was your learning process?

So, like I said YouTube was just getting big and I know people make jokes about people learning off of YouTube, but I actually learned a lot. To get into more specifics you have to learn what eyeshadows go with certain eye colors. What’s the best way to apply bronzer and blush to a certain face type. So, I wasn’t only looking at it for my face; I knew when people started asking me if I did makeup that I need to learn on other people. My sister went to school for cosmetology, and I would ask her a couple of questions. She has always been someone who has always pushed me and motivated me. No matter what I encountered she would always encourage me to strive to be the best in any situation. From then on, I just push myself to keep getting better and doing more editorials as seen on my Instagram. Before that it was just about getting comfortable with people and with working at Ulta has gotten me comfortable with working with all different skin types and skin tones. I have gotten a really big feel for what's trending, what's in, what’s not and what people like and dislike. So now I’m just working on myself and my art and growing my business.

“if your ultimately happy in life you won”

What was your worse makeup experience?

Some people are not used to seeing themselves wearing makeup and one time I was trying lipstick shades for someone’s wedding. She applied lip gloss and responded so negatively, but I don’t feel like it was geared towards me. That experience alone taught me a lot about customer service because you can't please everyone and you have to be patient with people and know what they want. 

Would you want to have your own makeup line? And how would you execute it?

Absolutely, I, my fiancé and sister planned it out, and we started making press eyeshadows for a while. From that moment I have never felt so passionate about something ever. The idea was short-lived because I began working at Ulta Beauty. 

How do you wish to inspire young people?

When I was young, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer and I have had people tell me that’s very hard to accomplish, find something else to do. If I were to pursue this, I would want young people to know to not give up on their dreams. If you have a passion for something, go after it, follow it. I think if you're ultimately happy in life you won! 

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So what’s your makeup style?

I definitely like more editorial stuff gearing more towards fashion and photoshoot inspirations. The type of makeup I normally do is prom and wedding makeup. My fiancé wants to start getting into more photography and photograph models outside of our home studio and push our boundaries. 

What are the precautions when dealing with different skin types?

Everyone has a different skin type, I was credited through Clinique and they divide it into four different skin types. There are different combinations from dry skin to very oily skin and a lot of people usually fall in-between that combination. Once you learn someone’s skin type, it becomes easier to treat it. For example, why is exfoliation important because it preps the skin before applying makeup. It is important when getting your makeup to lay perfectly. You have moisturization and cleansing. There are so many different steps, but the way I was taught from Clinique is to take care of the skin underneath before the surface. 

What kind of makeup do you use?

Well, I mainly use Clinique, but when it comes to eyeshadows I find that it is defiantly more for the natural girl. I like to use Urban Decay eyeshadow along with Jeffery Star, Morph cosmetics and many more. I have a little bit of everything, but those are probably my favorite to use. I feel a little nervous going into it because I want to make sure pleasing them and they leave feeling good. Right now prom season so getting a lot of clients and some of them never wore makeup before or have only mascara. Having them sit down with their moms, I have had two moms cry to me because of how beautiful their daughters look and that is the best feeling ever. I