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Rude Boy Division

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What I want the younger generation to feel when they listen to my music would be to not feel like you are limited to anything. You can be and do anything you want to do not limit yourself to what people like, become an entrepreneur. 

How Do you wish to inspire young people with your music?

What is the name of your group? What does it stand for? And what genre would you classify yourself as? 

Yahiness: The name of the group is “Rude Boy Division", but we are under the rude boy entertainment umbrella which is owned by myself and my brother. 


Jay Clip: My brother and I have a Caribbean background as well as the people that are affiliated with. Rude boys are considered to be the cool guy or in another context they were considered to be one of the shottas or gangsters. So, when picking a name all of those meanings came into play. As far as the division, there was a group of us. As a result, Rude Boy Division was born, and it also fits all of our personalities and swag. Our main genre is Hip Hop with reggae, but we are versatile we do a little bit of everything. 

As a group what was the first song written and what inspired it? 

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

It can be anything, what I am going through at the moment, but it is all fueled by emotion. 

Who gave you the support to keep writing in the beginning? Who did you play the early songs for?

"Do not limit yourself to what people like"

Clip, who is one half of Rude Boy Division was born and raised in Guyana. Growing up Clip was involved in music his entire life, playing the drums, keyboard and he began rapping between the ages of fourteen - fifteen. He was writing his own music and also wrote a soundtrack for a high school play called A Christmas Carole. And from their his career as a rapper began. His brother Wayne aka “Yahiness” was born and raised in England and lived there until the age of six. He moved to the united states residing in Brooklyn, New York. Like his brother Clip, Wade grew up in the church as well. Wade decided to attend college to learn how to produce music such as beats. Wade was not indeed of a rapper, but his brother Clip brought that passion out of him and wrote his first track called “Living My Life.”His brother suggested he stop making beats and rap and from that day forward they have been making music since. And in 2009 Rude Boy Division was created. Here is their story.

Yahiness: Our first song as a group was called “Living my life”. What inspired that song was basically feeling free and living my life.

Jay Clip:  I wrote the song to make people feel good and also to remember the times when life was not like that. 9.    If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

Yahiness: Definitely our family they are our number one support and to hear a positive response from them tells us enough. My mom doesn’t even like rap music and she still love all of my songs with profanity and without. So that shows me that we have something great here. 

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

Yahiness: Honestly, I would probably still be doing construction 

Jay Clip: I would be a mechanic I love working on cars, but if not that I would probably be doing construction.  

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

Jay Clip:Take your time and breathe, don’t rush it and feel the vibe. Do not let anyone tell you that you cant write this way or say certain things. I would consider my style to be unorthodox because nobody has my style and a lot of people discouraged me to make music the way that I do. Not realizing that the same people that told me not to make music that way, it’s the same style of music that is popular right now.

Yahiness: As far as song writing never give up on a song you can finish a song in thirty seconds and you can finish a song in thirty days, but it all depends on the vibe and energy you have. 

Other than the music you own a nightclub, can you tell us about that?

Yahiness: The club is called the palace located at 1629 east ninth street Bethlehem pa. It is a weekend nightclub after hours BYOB. The vibe the club brings is a reggae vibe, Hip Hop vibe, Pop and country. It’s a club for everyone we play all types of music. Its Multicultural. 

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

The fans can tell you that, you always hear them say that our Music is different. What we think it is, is the sound. 

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