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Black Men Smile/My Smile



She told me My Eyes were Passionate and Sincere

So I Smiled at Her with them

ZooLander Pose


Winked and said come here

They're Portals to my Soul so I trust you to hold them safe In Here

And pointed to Her Heart

She Giggled and told me I was WIERD

It made Me Blush 

Pure Bliss dropped in the form of a Single Tear

She asked him what's the matter

I said you were my greatest Fear

You Inspire me to be great 

That made me scared

But I'm ready 

I got us from Here

Art Is Power Poetry is Power

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Jarsenio was born in Louisville Kentucky and moved to Pennsylvania at a young age. Jarsenio loved to read books and is very family orientated. With the passion and strive for knowledge Jarsenio found Art which he always found an interest and passion in. Nothing gave him more freedom of expression than poetry. To him art couldn’t give him the outlook he needed to share his emotions, talent and passion to the world. Here is his story.

Why is poetry important? 

It allows people to free their minds of everything and express themselves in ways their afraid to act.


Poetry make me feel uninhibited.  Like I can do anything I want and be anything I want.

What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

My speaking voice is quieter. My writing voice is like my alter ego/my future self.  

Do you think your poetry can change someone perspective on life?  

What conditions help you with your writing process? poetry?

When I'm in a relaxed state and having a conversation with someone about any and everything. 

Where do you write? 

My Room mostly but if something amazing pops in my head I'll write it down wherever I'm at.

What was the first poem you ever wrote and what was it about?

My first poem written I believe was called My Sun and it was about men uplifting the women they love into a more natural way of life mentally, spirituality and physically. I think it's important that we as men and vice versa as women uplift our loved ones. We have been taught a lot of things that are harming us spiritually and mentally. Which in turn messes with our physical beings.

Do you wish to inspire young people through poetry?

Yes. I wish to make young people realize that art is powerful, and poetry is a great form to express themselves freely.  

Yes, I do. I believe my poetry has a powerful message which will force people to think about stuff in a more metaphysical way. Which even if they don't agree with my views they will at least over stand where I'm coming from. Broadening their way of thinking. 

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