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Josh (a.k.a. Jish) was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. He lived there until he was fourteen years old when he moved to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in 2005. Josh acquired is rap name Jish in the fifth grade from his friend Paul. According to Josh, “Paul always teased people and made fun of their names, so instead of saying Josh, he called me Jish. Everyone thought it was funny, and it kind of grew, and it stuck.” All throughout high school no one knew him by real name Joshua; he had become Jish. Josh looked at rap as a way to express himself. Rapping was his second voice, giving him a voice, he could not find regularly. He has performed at events in Philadelphia and the Poconos and even as far away as Orlando. He has opened for artists like PnB Rock. Some of the most authentic music is found through honesty and experience, and that is what Josh’s music is all about. Here is his story

What is your musical background?

Before I left Brooklyn my middle school graduation I sang in a choir and then I hit puberty and I couldn’t sing anymore. I started rapping when I was thirteen, fourteen years old. That was the transition from me moving from Brooklyn to pa. It was dope to be able to put my thoughts on paper because I’m not somebody that really talk about personal stuff so to be able to express how I felt through music and to be able to create and record and hear myself rap was dope for me.

Who motivated you to want to rap, what kind of artist?

When is was ten years old my first remembrance of hearing rap was artist like Bigge Smalls and Jay Z.

How does music make you feel? 

It makes me feel happy it makes me feel sad its apart of life I cant do anything without music.

What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

I have been cooking for nine year professionally since I graduated out of highschool, but I love to cook I have been cooking my entire life. 

If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say?

Channel all of your emotions and put it on paper whatever you feel if you have a story to tell that’s were good music starts is when you have a story. The best way to make music is from experience because when you hear songs on the radio now they’re not talking about anything because there is no experience.

"The best way to make


is from experience"

What makes your music different than

 other local artist?

The experience, everything I’ve ever said, and I have made countless songs, was true. I’ve never said anything that’s not believable whether its heart break, having fun in the club or struggles that I’ve went through its all 


How Do you wish to inspire young people with your music?

I was thirteen - fourteen and I remember I just got kicked out of school and my mom put me on punishment and she took away my brand-new pair of sneakers and I wrote a song about cursing so she sent me to my dad’s house and she found the book and showed my dad and he beat my ass.

How Do you wish to inspire young people with your music?

That’s the big thing to try and instill hope into people. Even though I’m a local artist I’m not famous but I just want people to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and some people don’t get that .Whatever problems you have or whatever you’re going through you can always push through it that’s what empowers you.

Whats next?

I started a clothing line called Embody the Dream, with my best friend Moe and Mike. Embody the Dream basically means go after what you want out of life and follow your dream. Besides building up my brand I also want to start my own record label.

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