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Music Notes

Explore our up and coming artist 

Hip Hop and RnB

Issue 2 May 2018


Art calms the soul and grants the mind creativity. Creativity is apart of life and to be able to express yourself through art is a expression of its own.

Lets go behind the canvas with artist Franklin Kernes check out his interview!


Poetry is the best form of expression 

Join Poet Jarsenio Lockhart as he shares one of his personal poems and check out his interview with Hart Magazine


Go behind the scenes with

"Whine on Me"

Zahra Jay

"Music is Life"

This is not a Barbershop This is the Kut Shoppe. Sit in the chair and be inspired by barber Bash from the Kut Shoppe 

Have fun with music

Game Over



Aesthetic Vibes 

"Be yourself thats best way to express yourself"

Q Science

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